Behind Sweaty Mess and its Author

I’m drowning.  I’ve been drowning for 10 years.  That’s a long time.  I’m not under water.  I’m soaked in sweat.

I suffer from sweating, and it’s not hyperhidrosis.  It’s ANXIETY.  The dreaded three-headed monster.  I am well-aware that hyperhidrosis is a real, medical disorder.  This blog has nothing to do with that, to the extent a given person’s hyperhydrosis does not overlap with their anxious sweating.  I am not a doctor and I have no basis to say whether any person’s sweating is physiological or psychological.

Without a doubt, mine is psychological (How do I know?).  For years, I’ve suffered immensely and quietly with this disorder.  Only my very closest family and friends were privy to this DAILY nuisance.  Nuissance?!?!  PREOCCUPATION.  Even that’s an understatement.  Words cannot really do justice to the impact sweating has on my life.   Seems innocuous, I know.  But if you understand what I mean, you should certainly read on and please join the conversation.

Not a day has gone by in the past ten years that I have not thought about sweating numerous times in the day.  From the moment I wake up and select what shirt(s) to wear to the time I finally get to undress, shower and lie in my bed the preoccupation with sweating ebbs and flows.  And when it flows, it pours out.  And when it pours out (the sweat), it flows. 

I have been to various psychologists, practiced meditation, practiced yoga, been on various psychiatric medications and looked into medical procedures.  I have yet to find a “cure.”  In fact, I’m not convinced one exists.

But I do know that expressing my feelings on this topic has helped me deal with it.  And sharing them publicly may further the conversation on anxious sweating and its overwhelming effects on people’s lives.

Through this blog, I intend to discuss, on a day-to-day basis, my experience with severe anxious sweating from my armpits.  I promise that my posts will be candid, honest and hopefully helpful.  And I hope that the contributions of others may help me, and you, move towards a life where sweat is not a preoccupation…or a nuisance…or an issue at all.

Writing this blog is not comfortable and I intend to maintain my anonymity, for now.  However, I will be responsive to any inquiries and guarantee that I am a real person who suffers terribly from this issue and writes this blog in a genuine attempt to help myself and others.


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